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Now Dr. Phil is Upset*

New, 18 comments is reporting that CBS wants to to remove the Dr. Phil sign that went up last week on that building at 10801 National Blvd. After emailing the show to see what they thought of being dragged into the supergraphic controversy, got an email back from CBS saying that the graphic is being "taken down as soon as possible." "We would rather have people view our shows than block their views,” a CBS spokesperson wrote to the blog. The hair suite will be celebrating. [] UPDATE: CBS may not be as altruistic as they'd have you believe. There's no confirmation on this, but this is what a commenter says: "The real reason that CBS is hurrying to take the supergraphic down is that CBS has its own billboard company, but some idiot has contracted with another advertising company to erect these illegal supergraphics. A little embarrassing; they are complicit in breaking the law, and they are giving revenues away to another company when they could be doing the advertisements in house. Last year, they had the same problem with an illegal supergraphic on Beverly Blvd. (Right across from CBS); they got that taken down pretty fast, too." The billboard company referenced is CBS Outdoor. UPDATE: Someone else disputes that commenter's theory.