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CurbedWire: Spiritual City Tour, Roosevelt Closings On?

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LOS ANGELES: Next month the LA Conservancy is holding an an interesting-sounding tour called "City of the Seekers: LA's Unique Spiritual Legacy." A self-driving tour, drivers will "discover five historic sites related to spiritual organizations that took root in Los Angeles in the early part of the twentieth century. Los Angeles is home to a number of religious sites and organizations, many of which are deeply woven into the city’s history. “City of the Seekers” will celebrate this unique identity and the architecture that embodies it." Included in the five stop tour: Angelus Temple in Echo Park, Chapel of the Jesus Ethic in Glendale, and Bonnie Brae House in Filipinotown (pictured) birthplace of the modern Pentecostal movement in North America. (But where are the significant Westside spiritual spots?) Back in 2006, the LA Times magazine did a story on the Bonnie Brae house. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: A tipster emails the latest news on the Roosevelt, that downtown condominium building that hit a slight snag in terms of getting its contracts closed and its buyers moved in. He writes: "Roosevelt sent out a letter the other day saying they are "adding" a preferred lender to Wells Fargo... It's now some generic mortgage broker. You think this will end the 15% occupancy requirement that they were just bragging about? From the Downtown News: 'Unlike many condominium projects that require more than 50% of units to be pre-sold before any sales can close, [Roosevelt's] deal with lender Wells Fargo requires that only 15% of its 222 units be purchased.' Also, they anticipate closing escrows now starting on 2/16." [Curbed InBox]