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Another First Down for NFL Stadium

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The Pasadena Star News is reporting that the Industry Planning Commission approved a revised plan for developer Ed Roski Jr.'s new NFL stadium, a move that sends the design to the City Council for a vote. According to the paper, Walnut and Diamond Bar have both hired lawyers to fight the project amid worries about the size and the lack of EIR on the project. Via the paper: "Diamond Bar special attorney James E. Pugh said the claim that the proposed NFL development site is smaller than a previous industrial/commercial development is "extremely misleading." The new development would entail about 6.3 million square feet, while a previously proposal would cover about 4.7 million square feet, Pugh said. John Semcken of Roski's Majestic Realty Co. said the development is closer to 3 million square feet." Meanwhile, Los Angeles officials have also expressed interest in having the stadium go up in Los Angeles, possibly in Chavez Ravine. [PSN]