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So Long Arches, Hello Cables: New 6th Street Bridge

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Blogdowntown has the latest on ailing 6th Street Bridge: In the draft EIR that'll be released in the next few weeks, city staff will recommend that the 1933 bridge be replaced with a bridge that has a modern cable-stay design. The 6th Street Bridge, which has so-called concrete cancer (official name: Alkali-Silica Reaction or ASR) has a 70% chance of collapsing in the next 50 years, and needs to be replaced or retrofitted but it was unclear what design choice would be picked. Covering a recent Boyle Heights meeting about the bridge, the blog reports:

"Along with a new design, the rebuilt bridge would widen the roadway while not adding lanes, creating new space for bicycles and pedestrians. It would also turn 6th street's existing kink into a gentle curve, eliminating the span's prime spot for accidents. That change would require the acquisition of properties along the new right-of-way, and several attendees at the meeting were property owners whose parcels would be purchased. The project team has done interviews with forty business owners along the new alignment." According to the blog, when construction on the actual bridge starts, the structure will be out of service for four years (2012- 2016).
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