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Tropicana Sign Was Preferrable

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Chiropractor David Allan's fifth-floor office window is covered by that new supergraphic at 10801 National Blvd, so we asked him to describe how Dr. Phil compares to the old Tropicana graphic. "I'm on the 5th floor -- I'm in the area with the bold black letters over the green background -- along the word "Change," writes Allan in an email. "It's much worse than the Tropicana sign. Before it was mostly white and a piece of a letter. My friends in the next suite have to deal with the woman's hair -- that's even worse -- it's totally ridiculous. Now they have added the flood lights that will blast the suites. Remember besides the injustice to tenants views, it's a fire hazard and CBS and the owners are counting their money all the way to the bank." Allan also writes the 10801 Take Sign Down blog, and writes more on the flood lights here. Good lord. Early happy hour for the hair suite! [Curbed InBox]