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Electronic Billboards=Electronic Sheep?

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Yesterday, Los Angeles essentially threw its support behind Assemblyman Mike Feuer's AB 109 , legislation that would put a two-year moratorium on the construction and/or conversion of new digital billboards. The vote passed 10-4 in the City Council, and opposing council members Richard Alarcon, Tony Cardenas, Bernard Parks and Ed Reyes, "said they believe the measure would limit their ability to control the installation and removal of signs...Parks and Reyes said they were concerned that the city's power to regulate such signs would be lost if the Feuer measure is approved," reports the Daily Breeze. According to MSNBC, Alarcon referred to the bill as a "wolf in sheep's clothing" and said he is worried that fees associated with digital billboards posted along freeways will go to the state, rather than the city. "There's nothing to stop them from saying that Caltrans will get this money. It would take our power away," Alarcon said. [Daily Breeze/MSNBC]