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Afternoon Thinkage: Crosswalks in LA—Boon or Threat?

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From Streetsblog comes news that a crosswalk, yes a crosswalk, has now become open to pedestrians. Located at the corner of Glendon and Weyburn, near the new Trader Joe's and Palazzo Westwood apartment complex, it seems the private contractor who installed the decorative crosswalk had failed to remove "no-pedestrian" signs that went up during construction. After Streetsblog called the LADOT on this, they quickly removed the incorrect signage. This crosswalk was connected to a traffic light, but it made us think of all the crosswalks in LA that always give pedestrians priority, the ones with the white stripes. Some drivers don't know or ignore that fact that walkers have the right of way here, leading to many horrific accidents; Silver Lake's Hyperion crosswalk (see above) was the site of many crashes before a traffic light was installed. Do pedestrian-priority crosswalks help or hurt? Should people only cross at lights?
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