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Northeast LA Tries to Save the "Go Everywhere Bus" (Again)

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Another year, another attempt by Northeast LA residents to try and save the 256 bus line. The 23-mile bus line that runs through Pasadena, Altadena, El Sereno, Monterey Hills, Hermon and other neighborhoods, is on the chopping block after Metro included it in its list of proposed transit changes/cancellations. Both the MTA and area residents have been through this before-- the line was suggested for cancellation last year, but ultimately saved. An editorial in the February 5th edition of the University Times, the Cal State LA newspaper, argued that since some of the riders are elderly, canceling the line, a community circulator used by approximately 2000 riders a day, according to a release put out by City Councilman Jose Huizar’s office last year, would be cruel. The MTA, which is holding a series of public hearings to get feedback on the changes (which are all coming because of budgetary issues), discussed the 256 line at a meeting in El Monte this past Monday night. And there may be good news: Dave Sotero, a spokesperson for the MTA, tells us the line may be taken over by and operated by Montebello, “This is a way that the line could still run," said Sotero. Rick Coca, spokesperson for Huizar, also told us that Montebello taking over the line is a possibility. “Just closing it down isn’t an option," he tells us. "This area is isolated in terms of transportation,”. They can’t just go down to another block, and get another bus.” Meanwhile, here's a little love/background about the 256 from the 90042 blog: "MTA’s 256 Bus is what I like to call 'The Go Everywhere Bus.' I've titled is so because it literally seems to go everywhere."
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