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Motion Picture & Television Fund's Big Drama

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Amid claims that they are losing $10 million a year, last month the Motion Picture & Television Fund announced the closure of its nursing home and hospital in Woodland Hills, a move that'll result in the location of about 100 elderly residents to other facilities around the city, according to the Los Angeles Times. But the news has set off a firestorm: MPTF chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg has stated the main reason for the shut-down is that the facility is that is it simply old, but also pointed out the handling of the news was poor (and the PR rep who handled the announcement was fired). And the Wrap blog dove into the financials, reporting there is no $10 million loss, nor any recent losses at all. According to today's LA Times piece, the families of residents at the facilities, who are frank in their assessment that their elderly relatives will likely die if moved, have hired the big-name law firm Girardi & Keese to fight the board's decision. Apparently in light of all the drama, the MPTF will hold a big press conference today. Here's an excerpt from the release, which states the foundation will "address concerns about the recently announced closure of its hospital and acute care facilities. Also discussed will be inaccuracies being reported about the closure." MPTF has also already responded to the media on their web site. LA Times, image courtesy of/Wrap/MSNBC]