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Orange Line Bikeway Gets Much-Needed Scrub Down

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Thanks to a post on, news got out last month that a two-mile section of the bikeway that runs adjacent to the Orange Line busway—between Sepulveda and Hazeltine—was being turned into Skid Row West. According to the Daily News, the piles of trash, overgrown trees, and deritus from homeless encampments has been cleaned up. Paul Meshkin, an LADOT engineer in charge of the 14-mile bikeway, told the Daily News, "Every tree is trimmed. Trash has been removed. We just have to make sure the contractor stays on top of it." Sunscape landscaping was hired last summer on a six-month contract to maintain the bikeway, and negotiations are under way to renew the set-to-expire contract. "I'd like to see a requirement for how often [the contractor] must do maintenance," says Glenn Bailey of the city's Bicycle Advisory Committee. [Daily News]