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Echo Park 9A Homes Gone, Latest School Renderings

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The sad saga of 9A continues with the news that all the homes have been demolished, according to Noel Campos, Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) rep for the project. According to Campos, crews are now preparing the site and all the work should be done by March. (The demolition started back in December.) For those just catching up, LAUSD won the long legal battle to destroy about 50 homes and put up a school on the so-called "9A site" off Alvarado Street in Echo Park. (UPDATE: Technically, the LAUSD lost the battle aka lawsuits, but won the overall war; backstory here) But this point, construction of the actual school--Central Elementary School #14--can't go forward until LAUSD gets city approval for a street vacation on Marathon (pictured in the gallery) so more work can be done in terms of re-routing sewage pipes and moving utility poles. UPDATE: City isn't happy with design of school. Read more here.

According to Campos, City Councilman Eric Garcetti has to sign off on a work permit for the street. "I have no idea when that might happen," he said. Per the Chicken Corner blog, the street vacation issue has been raised before. We have an email out to Garcetti's office. Meanwhile, colorful renderings. As the kids learn their long division, they may never know the drama that went down. Architect on this one is Nadel Architects.
· LAUSD Razing Homes in Echo Park [Curbed LA]