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Noise Lawsuit: Broadway Hollywood Wins, Sends S Bar Packing

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Anyone following the saga of Broadway Hollywood vs. SBE knows that residents of the Hollywood condominium building filed a lawsuit against SBE last summer, alleging that the S bar, which is located in the bottom of the building, operated in an "unreasonably and unacceptably disruptive manner." Among other things, residents in the historic 96-unit loft building complained that the music was so loud that "many residents have been unable to fall asleep prior to 2:00 in the morning and that SBE and the Kor Realty Group have totally and callously ignored their complaints, all while raking in huge profits." But did residents have any real footing? When news of the suit broke, Eater LA got a tipster to weigh in and state that the suit was totally baseless, and to point out there were disclaimers and waivers out the ying-yang. "Who buys a condo above a nightclub on hollywood and vine and expects total silence?" asked Eater LA's source. Apparently the very wealthy buyers who live in the Broadway Hollywood expect some silence, because S Bar closed down operations on Sunday at the Hollywood building and will move elsewhere.

Statement from SBE:

"SBE's successful Hollywood lounge, S Bar, closed on Sunday 2/8 until its relocation is complete. While the Philippe Starck-designed venue has proven to be an extremely successful part of the company's portfolio, unfortunately, noise from its operation disturbed some residents of the Broadway Hollywood building. While SBE put significant time and funding toward mitigating the noise issues (including hiring numerous sound experts, installing a sound isolating ceiling and other soundproofing measures), unfortunately, these measures were not able to reduce the sound from S Bar to a level that was satisfactory to these residents. As a result, SBE has decided that - in keeping with its goal of maintaining a responsible and considerate role within the community - it will relocate S Bar. In the meantime, SBE looks forward to continuing to serve the Hollywood community at Katsuya Hollywood, as well as its other Los Angeles-area locations: XIV, The Abbey, SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills, The Bazaar by Jose Andres, Foxtail, Hyde Lounge, Area Katsuya Brentwood, Katsuya Glendale, and Katsuya at LA Live (coming this Spring)."

· Hollywood Condo Owners File Lawsuit Against SBE [~ELA~]