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Construction Watch: Frost Chaddock's 810 N. Fairfax

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More photo evidence that the city should ground its power lines. Too expensive, yes, yes. But moving on: Taken on a very gloomy day, these are the latest photos of 801 N. Fairfax, the forthcoming mixed-used 93-unit apartment building rising up the street from Melrose. The developer on this one is Frost Chaddock, the same firm that has proposed that Kanner Architect-designed mixed-use project that has some Silver Lake residents up in arms. Ever since Frost Chaddock put up that Versailles rental project near Koreatown, some people are a little wary of what the final product will look like. But this project, which'll have 15,600 square feet of retail space, has done a good job of livening up the area in terms of street life. We await the obligatory Jamba Juice or Subway, unless there's some great surprise. And this is a rendering of the project.
· 801 N. Fairfax's Lively Street Scene [Curbed LA]