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Ask Curbed: Lancaster Kid Doing the Beverly Hills Commute

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"I live in the Antelope Valley right now. Being a young person (22 today), the biggest accomplishment for people in my age bracket is moving from the Antelope Valley." That was the sad cry of help from a young gentlemen who wrote in to Curbed last year. Our friend is back, having just landed a job in Beverly Hills. Is success making him a little mouthy? No matter. This whippersnapper needs help again. "Well, after being robbed in Lancaster, I have finally found a job outside the area, and in none other than Beverly Hills. Now, granted it is a very modest job for a burgeoning not-going-but-plan-go-to-college 22 year old male, I estimate I will take home about $1800 a month home with me. At one point, I was thinking about even saving up to buy one of the $50,000 condos in Lancaster, but the threat of being mauled by a pit bull and the 36,000 mile a year commute is something that does not enthuse me. I have started to look for places on Caigslist and the parasitic Westside Rentals (I never joined them), and it is becoming apparent that there are few places within close proximity of the new job I could afford. I am willing to go to $850 or even $900 a month, but I want to be close enough to were I wouldn't be too far from work, that I would have to live almost to Reseda. Is this going to be a pipe dream, or will I have to take up some weird guy on a sharing a bedroom in Westwood for $2000?"
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