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CurbedWire: Wacky Pricing History, Echo Park's Durbin Opening April

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LOS ANGELES: A reader sends in this listing on Cole Crest Drive, a three-bedroom listed at $811,9000, and writes: "Is this the craziest price history, or what? You usually see the dip in the mid-nineties, but this one is all over the map, and seems to suffer from extreme flipping or what?" Indeed, someone is fidgety. Screen grab after the jump. [Curbed InBox]

ECHO PARK: A press rep for the Durbin, that new apartment project going up on Echo Park Avenue, sends an email indicating the 36-townhome project will be done in April. There seems to be quite a bit of work yet to be finished by April. Also, she writes that pricing hasn't been set yet. More from the press release: "Located two miles north of downtown Los Angeles at Echo Park Boulevard and Delta Street, Durbin will offer nine innovatively designed three-story floor plans ranging from approximately 1,191 to 1,718 square feet with two to three bedrooms, two and one-half to three and one-half baths plus a two-car garage. " [Curbed InBox]