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Hollywood's Columbia Square Coming Up to Bat

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The LA Weekly reminds everyone that tomorrow the Planning Commission will consider the Columbia Square project, that Johnson Fain-designed condo/hotel/office development proposed on the old CBS Studios complex near Gower and Sunset. There's been a series of public hearings on the project, which is being developed by New York-based AREA Property Partners, and which consists of a 28 story-condo tower, a 7-story hotel tower, and a 17-story office tower.

Part of the CBS complex is being preserved, but what seems to freak out people is the height of the 28-story tower, which, if built, would make this the tallest building in Hollywood. The LA Weekly has long coined this a "Doomscraper"---and today's story includes that fantastic, Mesozoic era-looking mock-up of the project. But if approved, it's doubtful it would rise anytime soon. In September, AREA Property Partners' vice-president Jennifer Keith was pretty frank about the project, telling us AREA doesn't expect to get any financing for the project anytime soon. Calling AREA this morning, we were told Keith is no longer with the company. Hopefully she got promoted. But it shows a pattern: A lot of people we regularly talked to at development companies/pr firms/architecture firms "are no longer with the company."
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Columbia Square

6121 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA