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Walt Disney's Old Los Feliz Crash Pad

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A reader tipped us to this listing for a two bedroom, one bathroom craftsman in Los Feliz: "this home has complete remodeled about 2 years ago put central air and heating, brand new doble window. new plubing, new elctric. hole new kitchen. yard need some work. new laminated hard wood floor. its located neer ABC studio and south of los feliz. walt desney used live here when he first move in califoria this was his uncls house. proud of ownership. property sold as present condition. there is a bonus room. large living room." The listing--which appears to have been either typed hastily on a Blackberry, or translated into German and then back into English--is right.

This was Walt Disney's uncle's house, where Disney first lived when he moved to Los Angeles in 1923, and where he made his first animation (The listing says the garage is detached--you have no idea, the original is in Garden Grove.) The juxtaposition of "complete remodeled" and "property sold as present condition" is a little concerning, but on the other hand, this house could probably be a moneymaker. Or maybe John Stamos is interested. It's offered at $769,000.
· 4406 KINGSWELL Ave [Redfin]
· No. 163 - Site of First Official Walt Disney Studio and Animation School [Big Orange Landmarks]