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Inspecting T-Lofts, Move-Ins Planned for Next Week

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Swinging! The communal outdoor area at T-Lofts
Once a big hulking construction site, closings and move-ins are scheduled to begin next week at T-Lofts, Lee Homes' new condo development on Tennessee Avenue in West LA. Over the weekend, we stopped in to look at the project, which is now finished. Of the 84 units, 47 are in escrow, according to the sales team. Here's where current pricing stands: A 1,000 square foot loft starts at $439,000, while the most expensive condo is a 2,092 square foot unit for $799,000. We also asked how things are going at Alta Lofts, Lee Homes' other big condo project in Lincoln Heights---the one they are marketing to the (upscale) artist set---and were told a big opening party for the building is planned for January.
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11500 Tennessee Avenue, los angeles