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King Tut Ain't Selling in Glendale

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This "little castle" at Avonoak Terrace proves that may be possible to bring a little Hollywood and Highland to Glendale (see all the etchings in the walls), but selling this look is another matter. Now on the market for about two years, the home is standing firm at its price of $6.2 million. The home also has its own web site to help explain what you're looking at. And here's the pitch: "This house is so UNIQUE that there is no known architectural classification for its style. With all its creative and hand carved fixtures, it is truly a piece of art and, as such, cannot be valued by its size but by its creativity. A work of art has no comparables in the market. Would anybody sell a Picasso based on the square footage of the work?" No known architectural classification, indeed.
· 950 Avonoak Terrace [Redfin]

950 Avonoak Terrace, glendale