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Architect Christophe Cornubert's Copenhagen CO2 Cube

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[Images via Obscura Digital]

Is there anything shipping containers can't do? Here they are arranged on a barge in St. Jørgens Lake in Copenhagen to visually represent one metric ton of carbon dioxide stored at standard atmospheric pressure. An average person in an industrialized country puts that amount out monthly. The CO2 Cube was designed by Push's Christophe Cornubert (the firm is in Macarthur Park), and was unveiled yesterday to coincide with the United Nations Climage Change Conference. Cornubert says the message of the shipping containers is deliberate--it calls to mind Copenhagen's local shipping industry, consumption, and reuse all at once. Two sides of the big cube are covered in a mesh fabric and act as video screens, showing art, news, data visualizations, and other content. Besides all the transportation and construction, the CO2 Cube uses two 20,000 lumen projectors, an audio system, and LED lights, but the organizers say they're keeping track of all the emissions data for the project for eventual offset. The LA Times reports there are more emissions coming: this big square rock star will be at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai and make a multi-city US tour.

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