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Gold Line Extension Scrambling to Break Ground By June

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The Gold Line Foothill extension, which brings the line from Pasadena to Azusa, was handed a victory at the last Metro board meeting when the transit agency agreed to operate the line in 2013 should financing be worked out now by the Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority, an independent agency set up to build the line—Measure R money would only allow construction to begin in 2017. Well, the Authority is working to get the money in place now—most likely a loan to a contractor to be paid back with Measure R funds—but the Authority needs to confirm a funds transfer agreement from Metro to the Authority at Metro's January board meeting if they want to hit their groundbreaking target of June 2010. Authority Chairman Keith Hanks is worried that problems involving a Monrovia maintenance facility and the purchase of train cars could mess that up, according to a letter from Hanks to Metro CEO Ara Najarian obtained by The Source. Hanks does say he's "hopeful that these issues can be resolved" and says he has "six world-class" firms pre-qualified to start work on the line. Monrovia station rendering via The Source
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