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City Considering Changes to Allow Hovel Living

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Former Daily News editor Ron Kaye weighs in over at the Planning Report on the city's proposed changes to laws pertaining to accessory dwelling units (ADUs), what Kaye coins so-called "granny flats" that are located in backyard units, garage conversions, and apartments aka little illegally-made apartments people live in because they can't afford to live anywhere else. Due to a number of factors, the city wants to encourage and legalize these small units, according to Kaye, who questions the legality of such a move. We're not sure if Kaye is imagining a density-filled Tokyo or Rio-filled favela situation will result, but here's what he writes: "For many single-family home owners—now a dwindling portion of the city’s residences at barely 40 percent—the proposed ordinance represents an attack on the quality of life they cherish.They are gearing up for a fight and are threatening to sue, although a near majority of the City Council already backs the lenient granny flat ordinance." Kaye also quotes community activists, who allege the following: “Is the Planning Department pulling a ‘fast one’ on the public? Is the Planning Dept. promoting a secret agenda to add more housing density with second dwelling units? What is the real truth behind the current law allowing granny flats and second dwellings on R1 lots?” According to Kaye, the public comment period on the proposal will last until January 29th. Throw in possible changes to the RV-living laws, and the city may see some more creative living spaces in 2010.
· ‘Granny Flats’ Decision Fuels Passions Over L.A. Housing Policies [Planning Report]