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Small Remodeled Bungalow in Glendale

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Jockeys, elves, and bargain hunters looking for small spaces may want to consider this 504-square foot bungalow on Chevy Chase Drive that's listed at $269,000. Via the listing: "This home is perfect for the minimalist. It has an updated kitchen and bathroom, refinished hardwood floors, pocket doors, new window coverings, new lighting, newer interior paint, nice private patio and an attached garage." The homeowners last purchased the home in 2003 for $195,000. Notably, if you've got the arm span, it looks like you can load the dishwasher while taking a shower--handy! And if you think this place is too small, take a look at this 175-square foot studio in Manhattan that's shared by two people and two cats. It sold three months ago for $150,000.
· 315 West CHEVY CHASE Drive [Redfin]

315 West CHEVY CHASE Drive, glendale, ca