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Sleeper Hideousness (and Casino) in the Hollywood Hills

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The most terrible thing about this estate is the element of surprise. As the tipster who brought this madness into our lives wrote, "Starts off lovely, but then the mix of Moroccan themes and leopard prints set in, and then you CRY." We hope you didn't stop clicking through at the jukebox and track lighting, thinking "Oh, that's nothing," because then you'd miss out on not just the roulette table and row of slot machines (???), and the acres of animal print, but also on the odder details like the red knobs on the Wolf range and apparently hand-painted cabinets in the kitchen; the tube television camouflaged in the dragony loft wall; the tilt-a-whirl room; and the very tiny, ceiling-level windows in that one bedroom. But the weirdest thing about this house is that so much of is just totally normal and Pier One-looking. If not for that, calling out this house would be like putting Dolly Parton on a worst-dressed list: garishness is the whole point.
· 1925 WEEPAH Way [Redfin]
· 1925 Weepah Way [Official Site]

The Villa Weepah

1925 Weepah Way, Los Angeles, CA