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Photos, Report from that Crazy Echo Park House

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ECHO PARK: A reader sends along photos and a report from that newly-listed Valentine Street two-fer that's asking $99,000. While he's arguing that it's a tear down, we've also heard a report that the home has "great bones" and can be restored. There's also chatter that the property will sell for as much as $250,000. Anyway, here's our reader's report: "This is the best-worst house in LA! I went to this house [yesterday] around 3: 15pm and was there for about 15 mins. In that 15 mins I saw 4 other groups came and looked at the addition, 2 cars drove by and parked in front of the house but they didn't stayed for long....This house is in no way a fixer because most of the building is rotted out and the listing didn't not mention the two-story glass atrium of the house which makes the living room look about twice as big...some floor boards are missing and it looks like it can fall down at any minute (see how it's stabled and patched at [its] supports).

This house is not a remodel but can instead be restored (regardless it has to be taken down one way or the other). I suspect the atrium is/ was an illegal addition and that's why it's not mentioned. You can see traces of it in one of listings photos (the one with fireplace). Most of the glass is missing and the frames rooted/ rusted.

The guest house (once a garage) is in better shape but in either cases both are not livable under current conditions. The backyard looks straight into the neighbors backyard and saw 2 chickens. Tons of debris stored in the laundry room and under the house but maybe it's being removed? They also didn't mention there are no walls on the backside of the house. You can't walk use the entry way either, no floor boards.... .it will cost at least 250,000 to fix it up...

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2312 VALENTINE Street, los angeles