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New Condos Replacing Pink WeHo House

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The informative newsletter of West Hollywood City Councilman Jeffrey Prang included an item from the city planning commission: "1019 San Vicente: Approved the demolition of three buildings containing four dwelling units, and the construction of a 5-unit condominium. The Commission also denied two requested variances." West Hollywood Senior Planner Francisco Contreras confirms the pink party palace (seen above) is indeed targeted for demolition, as are two "accessory" buildings behind the house that formerly served as residences.

The denied variances regarded setbacks and open-space. Now, architect Amit Apel Design has to revise its renderings for approval by the planning commission. A little backstory from Contreras: Neighbors hoped to designate the pink house as a historic structure, and it went through an EIR to determine if it should be given that status. It didn't make the cut, and then the current condo plans took shape. Oh, and there's a neighbor who recently filed a formal appeal to stop any construction at 1019 San Vicente.
· Councilmember Jeffrey Prang [Official Site]
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