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Now-Barren Hollywood Lot Wants Even More Condos

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Time marches on and this once- lush green lot at Gower and Fountain has become sad and brown. A cottage and an apartment building were torn down in August 2008 to make way for a 12-unit condo building here, and now the lot sits through the seasons, waiting to be built on. Meanwhile the developer seems to have decided that while it's not building 12 units, it might as well not build 22 condos. Yes, plans were submitted by the developer--named as an entity called West Coast Legacy, LLC--to embiggen the project. Asking for a density bonus, the developer wants the final count to be four studio or one-bedroom units, 18 two to three-bedroom units, a new height of 56 feet (up from the currently approved 45), and 3 units (15%) for Very Low Income housing. Instead of the original 31 parking spots, the developer now wants 40 spaces. Per the original tract map, Howard Laks Architects is designing the building.
· 1254-1258 N. Gower Street; 6080 W. Fountain Avenue; Hollywood [City Planning]
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