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Must Be Cool With the Flowers in the Attic

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The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Submissions to the tipline.

What/Where: A one bathroom loft apartment on Sixth Street in Santa Monica.

Sounds good, right?: It's walking distance to the beach and the Third Street Promenade. More: "Hardwood floors downstairs, carpet upstairs, open beam ceilings, 20 foot high floor to ceiling windows in living area lets in a lot of sunlight, small front deck with bbq. Apartment is furnished except for bedroom. DirecTV, wireless internet, landline phone with fax." And rent is just $100 a month for the right woman.

The Catch: "We are sister and brother who will share the sleeping space up stairs. Although our life is private, you should know that we are kinda involved with each other. Not to get into too many details, let's just say that we show affection to one another and opened our sexuality to each other."

We're a little skeptical here--this reads a little like one of those fake letters to Dan Savage. And why not just tell everyone you're boyfriend and girlfriend? In case mom comes to visit?

Anyway, they also say they're "Not asking anything of you besides your tolerance and open mind towards our lifestyle," so if it's for real, just walk in pretending you never heard the word "brother" and that this just happens to be one of those couples that resemble each other and you'll do fine.
· $100 Shared Loft With Cool Female in Santa Monica - close to beach!! (Santa Monica) [Craigslist]