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Pasadena's Castle Green Will Open Its Doors

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Jump into the Wayback Machine, kids—we're going to take a trip to Castle Green! For four hours this Sunday, Old Town Pasadena's grandest landmark—normally off-limits to the public—will graciously open its gates for its annual holiday tour. Built as a hotel annex in the 1880s, when Pasadena was a resort town for snowbirds and tuberculosis sufferers, the lavish Spanish-Moorish Colonial structure was converted to private residences in the 1920s. Twenty bucks admission (whippersnappers under twelve get in free), buys lookie-loos the chance to gape at the intricate mosaic-tiled floors, marble staircases, wrought-iron elevator, and handcarved fireplace mantels of the Castle's common spaces, as well as the interiors of selected apartments. According to the Friends of Castle Green's press release, twenty-nine brave residents have agreed to allow the unwashed masses to traipse through their homes this year. (The tours only happen twice a year, so this is a special event.) But better sharpen your elbows: Castle Green's website also notes that "sweets and cider, coffee, and food samplings from local caterers, will also be provided."

Should you decide upon taking the tour that you never want to leave, you're in luck: a one-bedroom, two-bath flat is on the market. Per its listing, the unit features "high ceilings, historic wood detailing, two faux fireplaces, and ... lovely Murphy beds framed in wood and complete with shelves, niches, and storage." How much to make this home your castle? $389,000, plus dues of $619 per month. Listing agent Steve Haussler tells us condos do come on the market at Castle Green, but without any real regularity.--Pauline O'Connor
Castle Green
99 South Raymond Avenue, 405 & 406> [Steve & Lisa Haussler]

99 South Raymond Avenue, pasadena