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Wallace Neff Richter House in San Marino

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Perhaps you cling on to the dream of one day actually being a lady of the Manor, of owning a residence where you can walk the grounds. Maybe this Wallace Neff-designed home in San Marino fits that fantasy. This home hit the market about five months ago: "One of the few French Revival homes in San Marino, it boasts upwards of 30 rooms, including seven bedrooms and eight baths...a magnificent entry hall, exquisite music room / ball room, living room, dining room, kitchens on the first and second floors, and a breakfast room." It's listed at $9.288 million. According to this Craigslist ad, the home was built in 1930 and is known as The Richter House.
· 1221 VIRGINIA Rd [Redfin]

1221 virginia road, san marino,