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That's Very Hideous: The Ugliest Houses of the Year

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Curbed LA's Year in Review round-up continues! Sure, we could look ahead to the future with hope, but sometimes it's more fun to look back to the past with nausea. Here are the most hideous of the rather hideous houses we showed you this year, along with updates. Would you believe people actually bought some of these? And one buyer even wrote in.

1. This Florence duplex was asking $239,900 in August and was chopped to $214,900 in September. It sold in November for $215,000. Imagine what the sellers could have gotten if this place had windows.

2. In July, this mirrored-ceilinged house (perfect for upside down coke-snorting) in Hancock Park was asking $4.6 million. It was pricechopped in August, but delisted with no sale as of October.

3. Despite looking like a Ferris Bueller situation waiting to happen (and a pretty significant respiratory hazard), this garage with kitchen, library, and living area in Brentwood won Maserati and Architectural Digest's Design Driven competition. Its dirty little secret? It was designed for a Ferrari. And sorry, the home isn't for sale.

4. Hey, it's only wallpaper. After being listed in July for $749,000 and priceupped in September to $756,500, this tartan wonder in West Hollywood sold earlier this month for $720,000.

5. Fearing we'd give readers epileptic attacks, we went ahead and posted a photo of this Monet room, just one of the many bedrooms in this Bel-Air home. Still on the market for $15.95 million.

6. As one commenter noted, this home had a great archway to...nowhere. Plus, that low window is good for late-night thieving. Since first featuring this home at 1652 Hoover in Los Feliz, the price has been upped to $1.3 million from $1.1 million. No takers yet.

7. Billed as a "modern-day fortress," and marketed towards the extremely paranoid, this Hollywood Hills home boasts two panic rooms, and two "safe cores." Did anyone learn what a safe core is? No, they did not. We did learn this: It's hard to sell a fortresses---this home has dropped to $7.25 million from its original listing price of nearly $10 million.

8. We never did find out the exact address of this house (it's located somewhere on Sweetzer), but its theatrical exterior gets a shout out. UPDATE: A-ha. Tasha Adams, who runs the excellent blog Blackburn and Sweetzer, emails in: "It's 459 North Sweetzer Avenue. There's another house exactly like it just behind it on Flores. Clearly the same contractor, totally out of place for the neighborhood."

9. Remember this Los Feliz love letter to mosaic tile, listed in September for $3.988 million? It's still on the market (and no price chop). Yeah, we can't believe it either.

10. This home was mocked for its wood paneling and 70s decor. Guess who left a comment on the site? The person who bought the home (or so she/he claims). We are humbled. He/she writes: "Those making negative comments are too shortsighted to see the potential of this place. We bought it for $28K for my mother (age 88) so she could live near us [Ed: Redfin says it sold for $19,000, so not sure what's happening here]. The second bedroom will be for family members who come from out of state to visit. This will save them motel bills. The park is located about 8 miles from LAX.

Anyone with DIY skills knows how to paint over fake wood paneling, replace drapes and carpet, do exterior painting, install new windows, do landscaping. The appliances are white and near new. The stove has 4 burners and a double oven. We added a microwave, plasma TV, DVD player, air conditioning." More from the buyer.

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