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Another Better Shelter Flip in Glassell Park

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Better Shelter seems to have a good thing going lately. In each of their flips, they have been selling for about double what they paid. And yes, they are actually selling - sometimes even above list. Steve Jones and partner Peter Zehnder have almost perfected the art of finding the hidden gems, cleaning them up (often adding another bed and bath in the process), staging them perfectly for first time home buyers in up-and-coming neighborhoods and flipping them quickly. This three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath also features a den with french doors that could conceivably be another guest bedroom. The listing also notes the home's hardwood floors, tankless water heater, guest house or studio and "zero-scaped [sic] landscaping with fruit trees" (we assume they mean xeriscaped). What the listing fails to note is the crumbling cottage next door. The house last sold in June for $190,000. Today's asking price: $399,000.
· 2923 Asbury St Los Angeles, CA 90065 [Redfin]

2923 Asbury St Los Angeles, CA 90065