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Who Wants to Pay Out for a Pomona Pot Belly?

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It's always exciting to see an LA-area house in the New York Times "What You Can Get For..." feature, even if the home is in....Pomona. This time we have a $599,000 hacienda, built in 1837 and now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Yes, it's expensive. And why hasn't it sold in over a year of being on the market? Let's inspect. It's a five-bedroom, four-bath home, with original interiors and a central courtyard complete with several varieties of trees.The house, originally used as a church, features two bedrooms with original fireplaces. There's more: "The fourth bedroom and a bath are in a bunkhouse off another side of the courtyard. The fifth bedroom is in a two-story water tower built in the 1880s off the kitchen, with a bathroom and an upstairs living room. On the courtyard side of the living room, there's a second-floor sun porch with an original pot-bellied stove."
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1459 old settlers lane, pomona