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Tuna Pizza Scandal's Latest: Think of the Teens

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Today, we get a long-due update to that alleged bribery tale in Temple City. Councilwoman Judy Wong was one those politicians indicted in that Tuna Pizza scandal, a drama that saw Wong and other officials allegedly shake down a developer in return for approval of his project. With sordid stories of money being exchanged and the mayor's front door being kicked in by police, the Tuna Pizza story has made for some fascinating reading. And while Wong awaits trial, she has refused to resign from her position as councilwoman. But according to the San Gabriel Tribune, Wong is being stripped of another title. She volunteered last month to be the adviser to the city's new Youth Committee, but now the Mayor is apparently having second thoughts about Wong being a role model.

Via the paper: "Mayor Fernando Vizcarra used his mayoral authority to remove Councilwoman Judy Wong from the post, and on Tuesday appointed Councilman Tom Chavez to work with the committee, which will consist of 13 area middle school and high school students...

Before appointing Chavez, Vizcarra said Wong's earlier appointment had "gotten the attention of a lot of folks ... so we need to address it. It's the elephant in the room." If found guilty, Wong could face up more than 10 years in prison. Meanwhile, developer Randy Wang's unbuilt Piazza at Temple City mall project continues to advertise retail space on Loopnet.
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