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Send Out the Clouds in Hancock Park

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This three-bedroom, three-bath Hancock Park traditional first came on the market for $1.05 million back in early July, but by the end of the month, it had been reduced to $979,000. Another fifty G's was lopped off the price on August 25, but a couple weeks later, the sellers adopted a different tack, raising it back up to $979,000. Now it appears like they've pulled their heads out of the clouds drifting across the living room ceiling—the 2,500-square-foot home has been chopped to $849,000. Perhaps this drastic reduction will be enough to attract a buyer for this ninety-one-year-old house, which has a formal dining room, fireplace, crown moldings, and hardwood floors. But if not, may we suggest a new paint job?--Pauline O'Connor
· 416 South Van Ness Ave, Los Angeles CA 90020

416 South Van Ness Ave, Los Angeles CA 90020