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New Digs for West Los Angeles College Jocks, Cops, and Eaters

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[Image via LPA Inc.]

West Los Angeles College on Overland Avenue in Culver City is getting a new Athletic Complex with all kinds of jocky facilities, plus a conference center, classrooms, labs. Additionally, there'll be a a campus police station, and a big food court, so students can carbo load before a workout. McCarthy Building Companies and LPA Inc. have been given a design-build contract for the $79.9 million project (it's paid for through the Los Angeles Community College District’s Sustainable Building Program, which is funded by Proposition A/AA and Measure J). The site is 20.5 acres, and will include a 130,000 square foot building with a 1,200 seat court, an outdoor competition pool, an indoor therapy pool, fitness areas, and dance studios. New fields will be built for soccer, baseball, and softball. And of course they'll be shooting for LEED Platinum (details include photovoltaic panels, stormwater treatment, grey water reuse, and a system that heats the pool with waste heat from the HVAC. Neat). Construction is scheduled to start in early 2010 and completion is two years away. The new complex will replace most of the existing athletic facilities, which'll be demoed.
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West Los Angeles College

9000 Overland Ave., Culver City, CA