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Marina Marketplace Destruction, Palihouse Hollywood Still Quiet

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MARINA DEL REY: A reader sends in the following photo, writing: "Looks like the long-shuttered Chan Darette in the rambling Via Marina Marketplace is finally being demolished-- any word on what's going on with this huge parcel of vacant buildings (including the closed Kinkos, Marie Callenders, Yankee Doodles and Carl's Jr.)?" [Curbed InBox]

HOLLYWOOD: It looks finished or nearly-finished, but the red Palihouse, that boutique hotel at Hollywood and Vine is still sitting dark and empty. A rep for developer By Palisades says there's no news to report, and no change in the status of the project. We'd understood there to be some sort of difficulties with the project, but the rep declined to elaborate. But the developer is having better luck up north: A press release touts quick sales at Union, a SF project now owned By Palisades. [Curbed Staff]