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Jay Leno Dashing Through the Mulholland Loop Race Track

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Wired's Autopia blog wanted to make a Los Angeles-based "riff" on the 1976 short film C'etait un rendez-vous (link goes to a video), which is shot from the perspective of a car racing through Paris on an early morning. They asked LA's highest profile car nerd Jay Leno to pick the route and drive the car. The talk show host chose the 13 mile circuit made by Coldwater Canyon, Mulholland Drive, Laurel Canyon, and Sunset Boulevard. Three cameras mounted to the car filmed Leno driving the route at dawn as he talked about the city (On entering Beverly Hills: "Suddenly the road got so smooth all of a sudden."). NB from Autopia: "For Leno's protection, you'll notice there are no shots of the speedometer."

· Jay Leno Makes a Rendezvous Of His Own [Autopia]