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There Goes The Neighborhood: Marky Mark Bashes Beckham

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Nearly three years after purchasing their home in Beverly Hills, the Beckhams have upset neighbor Marky Mark Mark Wahlberg. Wahlberg cites the growing presence of paparazzi in the neighborhood. And he's not crazy about their footie. He tells the Daily Mail: "Man, the Beckhams. It used to be so quiet on my road. Then David moves in with his family. Suddenly we've got paparazzi hanging out day and night. Now they'll follow any car that drives down the road....I'm not telling Beckham to take his family home. I'm just not sure why he came to America in the first place. Man, we don't want your soccer. There's no way Americans are going to buy the idea of 90 minutes of running around without much happening. Thanks for trying guys, but we'll stick to baseball and basketball."
[Image via W Magazine]
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