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Architecture of the Aughts Rolls On, and Who to Watch

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Reflections on the best architecture of the past 10 years continue to roll in, and here are some local winners: The Washington Post calls Disney Hall the #3 best building of the Aughts (it made our list too) and declares Frank Gehry got "everything right." The Huffington Post has named the Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels as one of the best buildings, saying architect Rafael Moneo "brought Catholic architecture into the 21st Century" (we're fond of the interiors). And the LA Times looks at some of the more influential people in LA in terms of architecture going forward, naming Ray LaHood, U.S. Secretary of Transportation, as someone to watch: "If any hopes remain for the Obama administration to turn around its so-far underwhelming record on cities and transit, they lie mostly in the hands of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood."
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