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Revealed: Crazy Basket Bridge for 210 Freeway

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With hopes to begin construction in June, the group planning the Gold Line Foothill extension into the San Gabriel Valley unveiled the design for that 739-foot bridge that would span the 210 freeway in Arcadia, reports the Pasadena Star-News and The Source. "It will be adorned by four basket-shaped columns that pay tribute to the basket-weaving of local indigenous peoples, specifically the Chumash who lived along the coast," according the Star-News. We learned all about Andrew Leicester, the artist behind the design back in August. Leicester tells the Star-News the bridge "will have individual grooves, like the scales of a snake, to honor local wildlife." Estimated to cost between $20 million and $25 million, the bridge will come equipped with bright lights under the columns so drivers aren't in the dark. As the design unveiling, which was part of a state-of-the-project update, local politicians took the opportunity to be grandiose. Speaking of the tight deadline the Authority is under to get money from Metro and begin groundbreaking on time, Congresswoman Judy Chu quoted Abraham Lincoln "on fighting on for a just cause," while Congressman Adam Shiff said, "I'm reminded of the words President Ronald Reagan had about the Soviet Union--`trust but verify. In the case of the MTA, it's trust but verify, then reverify." Images via The Source

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