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Rock Star Turned Developer: Edge Wants a Colony Near Malibu

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Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez reports that U2 guitarist The Edge's plans to build a five-housing development on a ridge outside of Malibu--and the homes have names like "Clouds Rest," "Panorama," "Shell House" and "Blue Clouds"--are roiling groups like the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, who believe the homes would disrupt the environmental balance of the area, and Malibu City Councilman Jefferson Wagner, who wonders why a former adviser to Gov. Schwarzenegger* is shrilling for the project in a promotional video. The Edge gives his side on the web site, while the development's architect is listed as Wallace Cunningham, a San Diego-based architect who has been profiled in Architectural Digest. That's one of the images off the web site, but it's hard to tell if that's one home or all five. It looks like it's one home. * An adviser is shrilling, not the Gov as we originally posted Image via MomoFreaksOut
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