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Boarded-Up Franklin Eyesore, Libeskind on Downtown

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HOLLYWOOD: On the tour of boarded-up Hollywood structures, you can include this one at 7070 Franklin. The building was first mentioned back on the site in June 2008. Building and Safety records show that the project has been abandoned since at least 2005, while one Curbed commenter says the building has been vacant since the Northridge earthquake. Over the last couple of months, we've seen workers occasionally going in and out, but no one should get too excited because it looks like recently issued Building and Safety permits having to do with electrical compliances are prompting the work. Who owns this thing and how long will it sit empty? Wouldn't everyone like to know. [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: Architect Daniel Libeskind's planned downtown tower at 1340 South Figueroa is still in the design phase, and going forward, he told us during last week's Vegas CityCenter tour. "The project is moving ahead, it's taking a little more time than we expected." And a little more on why this project is important to downtown, per Libeskind, a former LA resident. "It'll bring people to live in downtown. You need to have people to activate the street...I think that's what cities are doing, they're bringing people back to live in the downtown [areas]." [Curbed Staff]