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Bad News Dept: Lawsuit Over Expo Phase II?

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A post on Streetsblog is sending a shiver up the spines up transit enthusiasts heartened by the recently-released final environmental impact report for the Expo Line Phase II. "[T]here are still opponents of the project that still have some arrows left in their quiver," writes blogger Damien Newton. Streetsblog highlights the words of one of its commenters, who writes, "Terri Tippit, the veteran Westside neighborhood politician, Head of the West of Westwood Homeowners' Association and at times the President of the Westside Neighborhood Council, is the President of Neighbors for Smart Rail (NFSR). Collen Mason Heller of the Cheviot Hills Homeowners' Association is the Vice President of NFSR. Her husband Larry Heller is the attorney for NFSR. NFSR has been collecting a lot of money in order to launch a lawsuit within 30 days of the certification by the board of the Expo Authority of the final environmental-impact report." A document from NFSR indicates the only Expo Line through West LA that they want is one completely underground (it's safe to say that would never happen). We've already heard how some Westsiders are fighting development tied to the line.
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