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Esprit Still Wants to Give You Stuff, 705 West Ninth Update

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MARINA DEL REY: Developers dangling incentives for renters, listen up! But how filled up can this building be? They've been offering incentives--presents ranging from cash to iPods--for years. "For the holidays, Esprit Marina del Rey apartments is giving the best gift of all to those who aspire to live at one of the most prominent waterfront apartments in Los Angeles. Residents who sign a lease by December 31, 2009 will receive Free Fridays at Esprit?forever!" Basically, the fine print means you get one day free of rent a month week. More. [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: It looks we'll all have to wait till next year to find out if developer Meruelo Maddux can hold an auction for its 705 W. Ninth rental building. There was a hearing last week, but another meeting on the matter--and the separate topic of whether investors can start foreclosing on the building--is scheduled for next month, according to the court filings. [Curbed Staff]