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View Park Soriano Sells For Asking Price

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When this four-bedroom, two-bath Soriano-designed fixer went on the market this summer at $499, we asked the Curbed community if the price was right. Most thought the price was a tad high, given the (presumed) work the house needed. Known as the Drury House and built in 1941, the property features "steel framed ribbon windows lend[ing] horizontality to the two story residence," a living and dining area with a fireplace, a private back yard, and a rooftop deck. By August the price had dropped a smidge and the listing noted "Pobate [sic] hearing set for Nov. 12th Van Nuys Courthouse Dept. C. First overbid amount is $494,000." SOLD! The house sold for exactly list price last week. According to Scott Lander, buyers agent at Crosby Doe, the house was sold to an LA-based architect who plans to renovate.
· 3852 Olympiad Dr Los Angeles, CA 90043 [Redfin]

3852 Olympiad Dr Los Angeles, CA 90043