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Back to LAUSD? Beverly Hills May Kick Out Some Kids

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Following state budget cuts for education, nearly 500 Los Angeles children who attend public schools in Beverly Hills may get the boot from those schools, reports the New York Times. Next month, the Beverly Hills school board will vote on a proposal that would essentially phase out the kids, likely returning them to schools in Los Angeles. Naturally, some families are upset about the decision, pointing out that Beverly Hills was happy to take the kids when it benefited the city (Beverly Hills got $6,239 per child from the state). More: "Suddenly, with no state financing in the mix, there is no incentive to fill empty classrooms with children from other cities. From the point of view of most of the five school board members, the out-of-town students would essentially be on scholarship, and draining money — roughly $2 million a year, according to the superintendent for the district — that could go to other programs. The district’s annual budget is about $62.5 million." The saga also makes the front page of the Beverly Hills Weekly, which reports that meetings have gotten so contentious that security officers have had to escort board members to their cars after the meetings.
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