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Questionable Housesitter Invites You Over to Hang

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What/Where: A "lofted apartment close to the beach" in Venice.

Sounds good, right?: They're not looking for a permanent roommate, just offering a place to crash. The poster claims the house has a fireplace, a "great view," a laundry on-site, a "shower that works as a steam room," and is 420 friendly. (Isn't "420 friendly" and "Venice" almost redundant at this point?) And it's free!

The Catch:
Apparently the person who posted this on Craigslist is full of holiday cheer: "Tis' the season to give good will toward all man kind, and I'd like to help those in need of a roof and amenities." Know who they're not helping? Whoever owns this house. The Craigslist poster doesn't actually own this house. Or live there. In fact, this person is just housesitting until the end of the year. Couldn't he or she just hang out at the boardwalk to pick up a couple of people in need of a crash pad? The Internet makes people so lazy. Via Herzensart.blogspot
· Free place to stay in Venice! SERIOUSLY! [Craigslist]