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Johnston Marklee Opening, Downtown Flashback

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LOS ANGELES: "Later Layer," what's dubbed a site-specific installation (seen above) by Pacific Palisades-based architects Johnston Marklee, and artist Walead Beshty goes up next month at the Italian Cultural Institute (IIC) of LA. Via the release: "The installation will feature architectural models of Johnston Marklee’s work in Italy and Beshty’s photograms in the DEPART Foundation Collection. Presented as two connected projects, Johnston Marklee’s architectural models and Beshty’s photograms will be displayed throughout the gallery in a field of modular nesting boxes designed collaboratively by the artist and the architects." Opening reception is January 15 at 7:00 pm at the IIC. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: User Vbokon has posted a bunch of "then and now" shots of downtown on her/his Flickr page. Notable is a shot of the old Westminster Hotel, now the site of the under-construction Medallion project. [Flickr]

The Medallion

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