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East Hollywood Resident Gets to Keep Her Sneakily-Made Driveway

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Remember Alyssa Romano, that East Hollywood resident who ticked off neighbors on Westmoreland Avenue when she hired a construction crew in July 2008 to jackhammer out the curb and create a second driveway? More photos here. You'll recall that Romano removed the city-owned parking space without a permit, which angered locals given how difficult parking is on this street. After neighbors complained, Romano was instructed by the Bureau of Street Services to apply for a driveway permit (retroactively) with the Department of Engineering. Well, here's an update: Right about the time our story was published, the Department of Engineering issued her a permit. According to Michelle E. Vargas, Public Information Officer, Dept. of Public Works, Romano had to pay a $452 fee to get the driveway. Uhh, but isn't this just the wrong way to go about making a driveway? Well, Vargas didn't have much of an answer, but stated the driveway was found to be "up to city code." And now we all get a lesson in how easy it is to make a driveway in the city. UPDATE: Here's the permit that was issued to her.
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